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10 yard dumpster rental

Curbside Junk Removal in Detroit offers 10-yard dumpster rentals designed to meet your waste disposal needs with simplicity and convenience in mind.

Whether you are undertaking a small-scale home renovation or decluttering your space, our 10-yard dumpsters are the perfect fit. They are compact enough to not take up excessive space on your property, yet spacious enough to handle a substantial amount of waste – from old furniture to construction debris.

And the best part? You don’t need to worry about delivery or pick-up – we handle all aspects of your rental with exceptional customer service, ensuring a stress-free experience for you. With Curbside Junk Removal, achieving a clutter-free environment has never been easier.

Looking to handle a larger project? Our 18-yard dumpster rentals are designed to meet the needs of medium-to-large scale cleanups, remodels, or construction jobs.

With their substantial capacity, these dumpsters are ideal for handling bigger and bulkier items, such as roofing materials, flooring, or large furniture. Yet, they maintain a convenient size that is suitable for most residential driveways or construction sites.

At Curbside Junk Removal in Detroit, we manage all the logistics—right from prompt delivery to scheduled pick-up, ensuring your project runs smoothly. Our 18-yard dumpsters are not just containers; they are solutions making your waste management seamless and efficient.

18 yard dumpster rental
20 yard dumpster rental

Designed for your most ambitious projects, our 20-yard dumpster rentals bring the ultimate combination of size and capacity to handle a broad range of disposal needs.

These sizable dumpsters are the top choice for large-scale home renovations, commercial cleanouts, landscaping projects, or sizable construction jobs. Despite their generous volume, they are crafted to fit comfortably in most standard driveways or job sites, making them an accessible solution for a diverse range of projects.

As always with Curbside Junk Removal in Detroit, our promise to you includes hassle-free delivery, placement, and pick-up to ensure your rental experience is as smooth as possible. Embrace your big projects confidently with our 20-yard dumpster rentals, where capacity meets convenience.

Our 1-yard and 3-yard dumpster bags are perfect for those smaller jobs where you need flexibility and ease of use. Ideal for minor home cleanups, small renovation projects, yard waste, or seasonal cleanouts, these bags offer an efficient and compact waste disposal solution.

The beauty of our dumpster bags lies in their portability and convenience – you can easily place them wherever they’re needed, and they only take up as much space as the waste you put in them. With Curbside Junk Removal in Detroit, we ensure the pickup is just as easy.

Simply schedule a collection when your bag is ready to go, and we’ll be there to whisk it away. Experience a hassle-free, flexible waste disposal solution with our 1-yard and 3-yard dumpster bags. Let us do the dirty work and save yourself a trip to the recycling centers!

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Dumpster Rentals in Detroit

Rent a dumpster in Detroit or surrounding areas. Our team offers dumpsters and full service junk removal!

Welcome to Curbside Junk Removal in Detroit, MI, Your Dependable Provider of Comprehensive Dumpster Rental Services.

Whether you’re involved in a minor home improvement or a large construction project, our wide range of rental dumpster solutions, including mini dumpster options, offers the perfect balance of size and capacity for your waste disposal needs.

If you’re handling a small project such as a seasonal yard waste cleanup or a garage cleanout, our mini dumpster or the 10-yard dumpster rental could be the perfect fit for you. Compact and convenient, these dumpsters accommodate a variety of materials and do not take up significant space on your property.

You can conveniently load it with old furniture, household waste, dirt, or even heavy materials, depending on your project. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the dumpster rental process or pick up. Our team in Detroit, MI, handles everything with exemplary service, ensuring a stress-free renting experience.

Have A Large Project or Loads of Heavy Construction Debris?

18 yard dumpster rental

For larger projects, consider renting dumpsters from our more extensive range. Our 18-yard dumpster rentals in Detroit, designed for medium to large scale cleanups, remodels, or construction jobs, are a convenient way to manage waste.

With ample space, these containers are ideal for heavier, bulkier items like roofing shingles, concrete, or large pieces of furniture. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business operating in the Detroit area, you can rely on our quick delivery and scheduled pick-up, ensuring your project runs seamlessly.

We Are Equipped to Handle All Your Disposal Needs in Detroit And Surrounding Communities

20 yard dumpster rental

If your ambitions stretch further, our larger dumpsters such as the 20-yard dumpster, come into play. Equipped to handle various disposal needs, they are ideal for comprehensive home renovations, commercial cleanouts, or significant landscaping projects.

We commit to a seamless rental period with the same day service option available for your convenience. You can expect prompt delivery, placement, and pick-up from our friendly and reliable team, making your rental process as smooth as possible.

10 yard dumpster rental

Dumpster Bags | Green Bag Pickup | All-Inclusive DIY Junk Removal

Our unique offerings also extend to smaller, more versatile dumpster bags that are suitable for minor home cleanups, small renovation projects, or yard waste management.

These bags, available in 1-yard and 3-yard capacities, are a versatile and affordable alternative to traditional dumpsters. They offer portability and are easy to fill, making them an excellent choice for customers with smaller volume needs.

We ensure a hassle-free pick up once you’re ready to dispose of your waste.

Operating in the Detroit metro area and beyond, including places like Sterling Heights and Dearborn, our rental dumpster services prioritize ease, affordability, and customer satisfaction.

We Make Renting Dumpsters Online A Breeze | Reserve Your Dumpster Today & Support Local Business in Detroit

We strive to make the process of renting a dumpster, from selecting the right size dumpster to the pick-up, as simple as possible. For a convenient, straightforward, and fair-priced dumpster rental service in Detroit, MI, contact Curbside Junk Removal today.

We are proudly locally owned and committed to providing the Detroit area with a solution for all their waste management needs, all at the best price with no hidden fees.

With our excellent service, you can focus on your project while we take care of the waste and trips to recycling centers. Whether you’re cleaning out your basement or planning a significant remodel, we’ve got a dumpster rental in Detroit that suits your needs.

From the smallest mini dumpster to the substantial 30-yard dumpster, we provide you with a wide range of options to choose from. The team at Curbside Junk Removal is ready to help make your next project cleaner and more organized.

The Right Size Dumpster For Any Project

At Curbside Junk Removal in Detroit, MI, our extensive range of dumpster rentals has been specifically designed to cater to a wide array of projects, both large and small. Our dumpster sizes are meticulously chosen to suit diverse needs, from small house cleanouts to major construction undertakings.

10 Yard Dumpster Rental

Our popular 10-yard dumpster rental is a versatile option for small-scale jobs. The compact dimensions make it an excellent fit for residential purposes such as small home renovations or decluttering tasks.

Despite its compact size, it’s capable of handling a significant amount of waste, including old furniture, appliances, or construction debris. We strive to take the stress out of your cleanup projects, managing every detail from delivery to pick-up with unmatched professionalism.

18 Yard Dumpster Rental

If your cleanup demands are a bit more extensive, our 18-yard dumpster rental is a perfect match. Ideal for medium to large-scale cleanups or renovation projects, this dumpster size boasts a substantial waste capacity. Its impressive volume is excellent for handling more massive items like roofing materials or large furniture pieces.

We understand the complexities of managing waste during a large project. Therefore, we offer prompt delivery and scheduled pick-ups to streamline your project, making your waste management efficient and hassle-free.

In the case of ambitious projects requiring substantial waste management, our 20-yard dumpster rental is the go-to solution. Perfect for large-scale renovations, commercial cleanouts, or significant landscaping projects, these dumpsters offer a massive capacity to meet a broad range of disposal needs.

Driveway Safe Dumpster Rental Solutions For Your Home or Business

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Despite their substantial size, these dumpster rentals fit comfortably in most standard driveways or construction sites, maintaining accessibility for various projects. As with all our rentals, our dedicated team in Detroit ensures a smooth rental experience, managing everything from the delivery to the pick-up.

For those seeking a more flexible and convenient disposal solution, we also offer 1-yard and 3-yard dumpster bags. Ideal for minor home cleanups or small renovation projects, these bags provide a compact and efficient waste disposal solution.

The charm of these dumpster bags lies in their portability. You can place them wherever they’re needed, and they take up only as much space as the waste you fill them with. Schedule a collection with Curbside Junk Removal in Detroit when your bag is full, and our team will promptly remove it, providing a flexible, hassle-free waste disposal solution.

No matter the size of your project or waste management needs, Curbside Junk Removal in Detroit has the right dumpster rental for you. We have built our business on customer service excellence and convenience, which is why we manage every aspect of your rental.

Locally Owned & Family Operated | Striving For 100% Customer Satisfaction at All Times

Our team is committed to providing stress-free solutions for waste management, making the cleanup process easier and more efficient for our valued customers.

Get in touch with Curbside Junk Removal in Detroit today to discuss your waste management needs. Let us help you choose the right dumpster rental to handle your waste efficiently, allowing you to focus on your project with peace of mind.

Whether it’s an 18-yard dumpster rental for a substantial renovation or a 1-yard dumpster bag for a minor home cleanup, our comprehensive range of dumpster rentals has something for everyone. Trust us with your waste management needs and enjoy a clutter-free environment with Curbside Junk Removal. We are here to make waste disposal in Detroit simple, efficient, and convenient.

Please note that we don’t accept hazardous materials, but we do recommend local recycling centers for disposing of electronics, paper, and other recyclable items.

Call us today to get a quote and schedule your dumpster rental in Detroit, MI, and let us provide you with the peace of mind knowing your waste will be disposed of responsibly and conveniently.

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